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International projects

The department SENSE participates in several research projects in collaboration with international partners.

FUture Smart Energy (FUSE)


FUSE explores and demonstrates the application of AI technologies to increase the resilience and stability of the energy network with increasing percentage of renewables. The future grid will have a cellular structure with intelligent ICT-driven assets to balance local production and consumption, control intercellular energy flows and minimize system downtime. For this purpose, a hierarchical data flow architecture for distributed data processing is being developed. more to: FUture Smart Energy (FUSE)

e-Highway 2050

e-Highway 2050
e-Highway 2050

The project e-Highway 2050 supports the planning of a pan-European transmission grid. The purpose is to guarantee a reliable electricity supply from renewable energies and a Europe-wide market integration. more to: e-Highway 2050



SuSTAINABLE is a sponsored project by the European Union. Eight partners from five European countries are working to develop new paradigms for the operation of distribution networks. more to: SuStAINABLE


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