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SuSTAINABLE is a sponsored project by the European Union. Eight partners from five European countries are working to develop new paradigms for the operation of distribution networks.



The complexity of the system increases in relation to the growing number of renewable energies in the distribution grid. The present monitoring and control system (SCADA-System) is no longer sufficient to optimize the possible combinations of electricity generation and consumption.

The extensive use of communication and automation transfers the passive grid into an active Smart Grid where interventions can be monitored and controlled. SuSTAINBLE’s primary aim is to develop a reference-architecture which is based on dispersed intelligence and hierarchical control.

The following functionalities shall be developed during the project:

  • Extended predictive models for local renewable energy production
  • Extended predictive models for loads and consumption
  • Expanded network monitoring and state estimation
  • Coordinated voltage control for evaluating producers, flexible loads, accumulators and conventional voltage regulators
  • Virtual power plant to guarantee communication between distribution network and transmission system operator
  • Providing different quality of supply
  • Plan for rehabilitation of the electricity network considering the flexibility of renewable energies
  • Quality planning for distribution networks with flexible producers
  • Development of extended system protection

Project Partners

SuSTAINABLE Project Partners
SuSTAINABLE Project Partners

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