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Research Campus Mobility2Grid (M2G)

Planned time frame:
January 2016 - December 2020

The electrification of the transportation sector offers a unique opportunity to explore energy and transport systems for the identification and utilization of synergies. The research campus Mobility2Grid, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, realizes innovative solutions to ensure the supply of electricity, heat and transport in the long term in an affordable and safe manner and completely based on renewable energies.


The research campus Mobility2Grid is a public-private partnership for innovations that aims to realize the energy and mobility transition in interconnected urban areas. The main idea is the integration of commercial and private electric vehicles into decentralized energy networks. With innovative solutions the goal is to ensure an affordable and secure supply of electricity, heat and transport fully based on renewable energy. The Berlin EUREF campus serves as a test and reference quarter to showcase synergies between electromobility and power grids as well as heat distribution networks.

Mobility2Grid Real-World Laboratory: Vision of the Micro Smart Grid 2020.

Smart energy systems are designed to enable efficient conversion, distribution and consumption of electrical and thermal energy aiming for a significant reduction of costs from generation to flexible and efficient consumption. The topic field "Smart Grid Infrastructures" explores the implementation of sustainable energy and mobility development in urban areas through the utilization of renewable energies. The research and testing are divided into three subfields:

  • Interconnected infrastructures in smart grids of urban areas and testing of real-world applications.
  • Mobility infrastructures and integration of storage capacities in local power systems.
  • Quality of energy supply in power systems with a high share of renewable energy resources and electric vehicles.

Energy management and optimization algorithms are developed and implemented in close cooperation with the topic fields of mobility, operation and recycling. With the given infrastructure in the metropolitan region of Berlin, the EUREF Campus offers an ideal prerequisite for implementing different technical solutions together with local industry partners. The focus of the topic field lies in finding solutions based on smart interaction and aggregation of decentralized energy resources including stationary and mobile storages in local power systems.

The insights collected in the real laboratory are to be published transparently and thus provide the research world with essential impulses. By creating a transparent system architecture, the research campus serves as a reference architecture for modern areas and forms an important basis for deriving future deployment guidelines. In addition, inno2grid GmbH, which is located on the campus, ensures the practical implementation and market realization of the micro-smart grid concept and maps it to the interaction within the overall project.

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