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Sustainable Electric Networks and Sources of EnergyRenewable Energy Integration in Electric Networks


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Renewable Energy Integration in Electric Networks

0430 L 528

The content is developed through a model-based approach. Models for renewable energy systems in the grid will be developed step by step. This includes the conversion stages from the source to the grid. Different types of system dynamics are considered. Control systems are designed. Smart grid topics such as virtual power plants and microgrids are discussed.

Summersemester 2021- Online course

Registration via ISIS until 30.04.2021. For participation, please also register online via QISPOS until 30.04.2021. Students who are not registered via QISPOS will be removed from ISIS and will not be allowed to participate in the course. 

For further information and course material please go to ISIS platform.

Responsible person
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Strunz
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Summer semester
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Bachelor degree
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